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The Roleplaying assistant 7.13

Great software to create characters for your RPG games
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Also known as RPA, RolePlaying Assistant can help you to create the most complex and beautiful characters that you can imagine and that are ready to be easily included into your RPG games.
There are several RPG engines that are compatible with RolePlaying Asistant, like:

* Advanced Dungeons and Dragons,
* Star wars RPG (D6),
* Rolemaster (2n edition),
* DragonballZ (in beta),

...and many others!

Well, now I have to tell you the truth: I don't really like the classic RPG games: they are too complex for me, requiring a lot of time to many many things written on the screen...sometimes I get lost in all the info offered.
But I have to say, these games have millions of fans, and many of them not just play, but like to DESIGN their own games. And in the industry of video games, the RPGs (Role Playing Games) have many tools to design characters, worlds, items, monsters, even the event flow and story.
What I want to say is that I don't understand many of the features offered by this program, but I'm really sure that any RPG fan will love it.

Review summary


  • It seems to be a little 'old'


  • It's about a 35 MB download...I didn't expect so much
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